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Keys to Employment Workshop Series // CareerPoint Marin

CareerPoint offers a range of workshops on all aspects of job search. You may attend them individually or the full two-week series. Workshops are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis so be sure to check the start times on the calendar and plan to be here early. Parking is limited.

Career AssessmentDesigned to help you identify occupations, make choices, and set job goals based on assessment of your interests, personality and skills.

Networking & the Hidden Job Market: Tap Into the hidden job market and network to your next job. When responding to a published job lead, the competition for the job is greater. Stop browsing job listings online without good results and learn to use the best resources when seeking employment. Learn to craft a compelling request for an interview and broaden your network for better results.

ResumesLearn how to make your resume stand out, while also fitting it to the needs of your future employers.

Interviewing TechniquesLearn how to sell yourself and ace the job interview! Improve your answers to tricky and difficult questions. Participate in videotaped practice interviews and receive positive feedback.  This is a two-day workshop, you must attend both days.

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